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April 24th

April 24th

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Guillaume Perrier (Le Monde) Again this year, the commemorations  of April 24th, 1915 the anniversary of the Armenian genocide, were held in Istanbul. Since 2010, the Turkish government allows public demonstrations. At 13.00 the supporters of the IHD (Association of...

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Grandma’s Tattoos

Grandma’s Tattoos

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In 1919, just at the end of WW I, the Allied forces reclaimed 90,819 Armenian, young girls and children who, during the war years, were forced to become prostitutes to survive, or had given birth to children after forced or arranged marriages or rape. Many of these women were...

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Dink Genocide

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How many times can you kill a man? How many times can you dishonor an honorable family? How many times can you deny what was his right by birth? How many times can you dehumanize a humanitarian? I will not go into details of who Hrant Dink was and what the lawsuit in European...

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“Possessions” of Armenians

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On his article in Today's Zaman on August 11th, 2010, Mr. Orhan Kemal Cengiz questions if the real reason why Turkish state denies Armenian genocide is in fact monetary. The fact that the state would have to pay billions for the Armenian property left in Asia Minor after the...

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Prefessor denies Genocide In Turkish daily Milliyet (June 1st,2009) Professor Kemal Karpat (University of Wisconsin) shows another example of Turkish denials on Genocide. He claims that Armenians were not killed but left Asia Minor with withdrawing Russian armies to the north....

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