An elegy to Istanbul: destroying the last remnants of metropolitan culture

An elegy to Istanbul: destroying the last remnants of metropolitan culture

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A few weeks ago a traffic jam forced me to walk through Tarlabasi, an old Greek quarter located in Pera district of Istanbul (Konstantinoupolis). While central Pera (Beyoglu) was where the turn of the century bourgeois lived, surrounded by elite stores and chic cafes, Tarlabasi...

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Finkel on “Fetih 1453” on New York Times

Finkel on “Fetih 1453” on New York Times

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Below you may read the comments of Andrew Finkel as published in New York Times blog on "Fetih 1453" (Conquest 1453), well criticized epic movie recently started in cinemas in Turkey. A City Under Siege Andrew Finkel These days the answer to “they don’t make ’em like...

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Underdog youth invade Istanbul

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With special gratitude to Çiğdem Mater and Rana Şenol for their great photography.   [caption id="attachment_639" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Photo courtesy of Çiğdem Mater (@cigdemmater)"][/caption] Two weeks ago it was time for the yearly university...

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“I Bare Witness” Traveling Photo Exhibit by Ahmet Şık

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An exhibition with photographs by recently arrested journalist Ahmet Şık was inaugurated yesterday at Karşı Art Gallery in Istanbul. 30 Ahmet Şık photographs originating from his decades long journalism experience will be exhibited until April 12th in the same...

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“Ta Septemvriana”-Last hope lost

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Tonight is the night many of my follow citizens spent a night in Konstantinoupolis (Istanbul) fifty-five years ago in nightmares. Today their sons were killed, today, fifty-five years ago their daughters were abused. Their shops were destroyed. But their pride was intact. They...

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