Turkish State as an Impediment to Progress

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What is the function of a nation state? If we listen to Rousseau, "... the general will is always in the right and inclines toward the public good" in a modern state. It finds its origins in a "contract". A contract between the electorate and elected to serve in the good of the...

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A Doll Named Eleni

A Doll Named Eleni

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She was sipping her coffee alla Turca. Yes, she was old. But she was solid as a rock. She didn't shake, she didn't tremble. She kept her eyes at the sea. Her ever-seeing eyes were fixed to the crimson clouds at the sunset. Her gaze followed the passers-by of today and the...

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Remembering Msg. Luigi Padovese

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The head of Catholic church for the lands east of Ankara in Turkey was assassinated on June 3rd, 2010. Msg. Luigi Padovese was a hard-worker in the first place. He lived in Iskenderun, close to holy places like Tarsus or Antakya in southern Turkey. He fought hard to establish an...

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

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Prefessor denies Genocide In Turkish daily Milliyet (June 1st,2009) Professor Kemal Karpat (University of Wisconsin) shows another example of Turkish denials on Genocide. He claims that Armenians were not killed but left Asia Minor with withdrawing Russian armies to the north....

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The Dilemma/2

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A historical look at the minority problem in Asia Minor, in the Balkans and the Middle East would show that due to the mobility of humankind in the area it goes way back. In the Classical and Hellenistic periods it did not exist because the people of the area were perceived to...

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The Broken Land (Revisited)

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(While reading this you may want to listen to Smyrna Music List. Here's the link.) “That we've broken their statues, that we've driven them out of their temples, doesn't mean at all that the gods are dead. O land of Ionia, they're still in love with you, their...

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Who by Fire

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Fairies must have whispered to his ear. Or else, as he would prefer, God must have talked to him in his dreams. Turkish Prime minister declared he was sorry of ethnic cleansing of the "Christian minorities" in Asia Minor. We would never know if he was sincere since another...

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