Free… Journalists… Journalism… Journo… J…

Free… Journalists… Journalism… Journo… J…

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We are selfish creatures. That I always knew. "We" have to get the news. "We" have to report them first in "our" medium. In most of the cases "we" are far above the truth. We are the journalists. We bend the facts, we manipulate perception, we make it look like if we didn't...

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Massacre at Bogaziçi University

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An installation in memory of civilians massacred at Uludere by Turkish Air...

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Division Bells

Division Bells

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Pro-Kurdish BDP co-chair Demirtas said yesterday that the government has divided the country emotionally. He was referring to the ignorance to the pain the Kurds felt after bombing of a group of youngster smugglers on Iraqi border by the majority of the population and...

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Management by Proxy or “Social Media: A Means vs An End”

Management by Proxy or “Social Media: A Means vs An End”

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Thoughts as inspired by Çiğdem Su (@cigdemsu11) "What is important is not to be fixated on their excuses especially a hundred hours after the massacre. We have seen and know what happened via social media, and whatever they claim their intentions and events are obvious under...

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Turkey: Proud of its past, repeating all mistakes

Turkey: Proud of its past, repeating all mistakes

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 Bombs from F-16 planes killed at least 36 Kurdish smugglers. Most of the dead belonged two extended families and were carrying diesel for sale in Turkey. They were an average of 20 years old. In the villages neighboring Iraq and Syria main occupation is smuggling goods from...

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Remembering ‘Ravished Armenia’: Arshaluys (Aurora) Mardiganian’s take on Genocide

Remembering ‘Ravished Armenia’: Arshaluys (Aurora) Mardiganian’s take on Genocide

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Yesterday a bill passed at French parliament criminalizing negation of modern times genocides. The bill proposes jail-time and fines for people who publicly deny, say the Armenian Genocide of 1915 by the Ottoman Empire causing havoc among academics most of whom claim this act is...

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Power of Symbols in Mass Perception in Turkey

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At this moment, 38 people are detained in Turkey pending arrest on charges relating to KCK, political structure of Kurdish PKK. Out of which more than 20 are journalists. These detentions are the last wave of recent arrests in Turkey including over 60 journalists, lawyers and...

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On Human Rights, Van, sex, and other related stupidities

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In the known universe sole human rights offenders are humans. Other animals don't even have rights, but none violate another's "animality." Only humans violate animal rights as well. And especially when their ignorant doctrines are institutionalized in the form of states,...

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Turkey: Humanity in distress

Turkey: Humanity in distress

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As the bandage gives, mortified tissue is apparent. Van is a far away town in Turkey. Van is at the center of one of the ancient civilizations of Asia Minor. The first divide. For minds set at the make-believe ideology of the Western Turkey, Van is Neverland. For the rest,...

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A Time for Prudence

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Turkish parliament amending a law banning minority institutions to claim ownership on their confiscated real estates, made it possible for them to claim all such estates which they have declared back in 1936. In 1936, Turkish government asked such foundations to provide proofs...

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