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Hrant’s Friends: “State is an accomplice to the crime”

Hrant’s Friends: “State is an accomplice to the crime”

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As a reaction to government officials claiming they have done everything they can to investigate Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink's murder, the self-acclaimed group "Hrant's Friends" released a press declaration in Istanbul yesterday. Ümit Kıvanç reading the...

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The conference on the history of the Diyarbakir region, held last November in Diyarbakir, came to an end. The final word would be for Rakel Dink, widow of Hrant. The Hrant Dink Foundation was one of the organizers of the conference. She came forward, and whereas everybody...

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Hrant Dink. In Memoriam

Hrant Dink. In Memoriam

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Tomorrow is January 19th. Since 2008, it is the anniversary of Hrant Dink's treacherous murder by one nationalist pawn in front of his newspaper, Agos in Istanbul on January 19th, 2007. It was a murder perpetrated by a number of public officials, carried out by a radicalized...

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Dink: “Turkey should not boast of being a social state”

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A.A. Wife of slain Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink, Rakel Dink said she doesn't know how discriminative and racist comments, behavior, plans and projects would be collected, put aside and trashed. She spoke at "Setting up peace" conference organized by Peace Initiative...

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We were at Hrant

We were at Hrant

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We were at Hrant, we were Hrant's...

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In our religion, we show respect in silence. Today there are no politics, no human rights, no minorities, no big words. Only hidden tears. And a screaming longing. Today we go to Hrant. I miss...

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Just let it be…

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I need closure. I need an end. I, I, I, I, yes, this is about me. Otherwise I'll lose it. I need to block the voices. Every month, there is a stupid development in the news about Hrant. In his life, everyday, there were news from somewhere that killed him. He yelled many times...

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Dink Genocide

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How many times can you kill a man? How many times can you dishonor an honorable family? How many times can you deny what was his right by birth? How many times can you dehumanize a humanitarian? I will not go into details of who Hrant Dink was and what the lawsuit in European...

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