We are a human rights platform voicing the events mainly in Turkey, Greece and The Middle East. The Globe Times is also proud to present articles by prominent writers such as Ece Temelkuran and travel writer Pınar Kuster.  Our contributors are freelance writers and journalists from all around the world. Please e-mail info at theglobetimes.com with your comments and/or your inquiries on how to join The Globe Times team. If you have particular questions about an article please use the comments form located at the end of each article.

The Team:

Stratos Moraitis is a writer/blogger/photographer living in the region. He is the chief editor at The Globe Times. Most are his reflections on politics, human rights, minority issues, the region in general, and the beautiful Smyrna. Follow him on Twitter: @oemoral

Born 1973 in Turkey, Ece Temelkuran is one of Turkey’s best-known journalists and political commentators. Her investigative journalism books broach subjects that are highly controversial in Turkey, such as Kurdish and Armenian issues, the women’s movement, and political prisoners. She has published widely and won numerous awards for her work, including the Pen for Peace Award and Turkish Journalist of the Year. Also she was a visiting fellow at the University of Oxford’s Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism. As a writer she published ten books and two of her books; Deep Mountain, Across the Turkish-Armenian Divide and Book of the Edge has been also published in English. Muz Sesleri (The Sound of Bananas) will be published in Arabic soon. Follow Ece Temelkuran on Twitter @ETemelkuran

After almost 15 years of journalism in the Netherlands, at the end of 2006 Fredérike Geerdink moved her office to Turkey. The first story she made in Turkey, in the fall of 2004, was about different generations of Turkish women in a central-Anatolian town.
Since living and working in the country, she has written for a wide range of media in the Netherlands. Among the most important are the national Dutch news agency (ANP), several weekly opinion magazines and monthly magazines about human rights and environmental issues, as well as women’s magazines. Besides that, she’s a fixer for TV-stations that come to Turkey and need all their work to be arranged before they actually fly in. Follow Ms. Geerdink on Twitter: @fgeerdink

Born in 1975 in Istanbul, Turkey, Pinar Kuster  studied international relations in Istanbul. After nearly 10 years of corporate life, she decided to follow her heart, packed her extra large suitcase and has been on the road ever since. Having lived in Switzerland, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Ghana, she is currently residing in Paris, France and writing her cross cultural experiences and travels. Always with a packed and ready to go suitcase next to her door, she enjoys exploring new cultures, cuisines, languages and people. Follow her on Twitter: @pinickus

Ece Koçak was born in Istanbul to a journalist father. She has been carrying the virus ever since. She’s studying International Relations with a focus on Middle Eastern Studies and Journalism at Hampshire College. Ece lives in Amherst, Massachusetts but spends her summers mostly in Istanbul. Whenever she takes a break from her busy academic schedule, Ece translates, writes, and reports. Follow her on twitter: @ecekocak

Berxwedan Yaruk is a Kurdish journalist and writer living in Turkey. Born in 1989 in Silvan, Amed (Diyarbakir), had to immigrate to Mersin in 90’s with his family as a result of forced immigration and increasing number of unaccounted for murders in the region. Arrested several times he wrote in Kurdish Azadiya Welat, Dicle News Agency, and Democratic Modernity Journal. He is currently writing articles and an active translator to and from Kurdish. Follow Berxwedan on Twitter: @berxwedanyaruk

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