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To those who care:


What they used to call discourse we now call rant. But the difference is we rant when we’re hyped.

And we are seldom hyped. We live in the age of self-motivation. We are go-getters of the new age. It doesn’t happen. We happen. Even our hype is self-made.

We buy, sell, reevaluate and resell based on intellectual value. We classify funny men not based on their funny jokes but based on them being “great people.”

Now you’d like me to explain what is a great person. Let me tell you, there’s no such thing. There are only people. Maybe there are people who rise to an occasion, but believe me when I say there are no great people. People are made of the same fabric. They act depending on their preoccupations which tends to differ.

Imagine a humongous bowl of soup where zillions of beans boil simultaneously. Since the beans are also made of the same fabric they tend to boil separately. And man, do they move in the bowl. They throw themselves in the heat of the soup from one point to another in a desperate attempt to get out.  And be well.

But they are all doomed. Doomed for a digestive system.

The few minutes they will spend in the boiling soup are their purpose. Their point in the circle of life. Their existence.

And sometimes, for once in a blue moon, two same sized beans with identical fabric and identical day of harvest with identical size hit each other at one point in the bowl of soup that boils. And remain a few minutes next to each other with question marks in their nonexistent  beanie eyes which feels like a century to their beanie brains.

Any my friends, what they used to call the meaning of life, we call two beanie identical beans with the same boiling point spending a few beanie centuries in that heat of a boiling bowl of soup to your human minds.

May their souls rest in love forever.

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