Dear Roza,

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We never met. If it wasn’t for the latest developments maybe I would have never acknowledged your existence like many others who live in the comfort of their shiny bubble. They’ve arrested you and all your electrical belongings last week. With your comrade Gulhan Yag among 24 more.

The judicial process continues. Court issued a secrecy order. So I should not go into details. Doesn’t worth to talk about justice in Turkey anyways. It doesn’t worth the words we’d waste. But I want it to be known, Roza Yaruk is not alone in this path. I don’t want Roza to feel alone. Because you are not!

Discrimination in Turkey is not only a function of ethnicity. Every individual separated from the flock faces it. You, set aside your Kurdish identity, just because you studied radio & television and you went on to study social gender in such a country, just because you worked for Mersin Istar to help the women of this land day and night, because of their eyes and their tears when they look at your face, you always belonged to the real minority.

In this beloved country where success never goes unpunished I never expected you to be an exception, as Muge Tuzcuoglu said “I am a rock…” And it was no surprise. It’s your turn now as we were dispensed throughout the centuries, as we were wasted, as we walked under acid rain. Now, it’s your turn. But don’t put your beautiful face down.

Injustice has no roots. It gets carried away in the first storm. As long as you remember the eyes of those mothers, those women, that long for your sight, in tears, every day; you remember we carry a lump in our throat as you wait there without a breath, you’ll roll on! We shall, too.

If you’re asking we do fine. Rocks are still, rivers are flowing as if you’re still here in their usual habitude. It’s October today. Mornings are cooler, at night one needs a cover… Please pay attention to cuddle yourself.

What else? The usual ways of the usual universe. Yesterday our Prime Minister talked 3 hours in his party’s congress when he even uttered the word ‘Kurd’ once. Rejoice! The war is going on, young people are being killed everyday. We stand still Roza, you shall as well.

You should dare it to get out and write about the likes of Pozanti prison abuses aloud, run with hope to attend to women in need, to be Roza Yaruk as only Roza Yaruk could be.

Maybe you owe nothing to that country, but you owe yourself that much.

Take good care,



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  1. The One (5 years ago)

    In this moment 365 people are in jail, in Turkey, for a crime they haven’t committed. They have been accused of attempting to overthrow the government. Their innocence was evident but they had no possibility to have an equal trial, so now they will have to spend many years in jail away from their family. Nobody knows about this violation, so it’s important to sign it now and let as many people as possible know about that.
    The father of a good friend of mine is now in jail and he will be kept away from his family for 16 years, as the result of this trial. Why don’t you interest in these people? They are neither terrorist nor have any connection with them. Must they be terrorist or their friend for attarcting attention?

    • Stratos Moraitis (5 years ago)

      At this moment thousands of innocent people are in jail in Turkey. And the answer to your question is hidden in it. I do not support people who call innocent youth terrorists and count only fascists as victims. I do support their human rights when they face unfair trial but that would be the extent of my care.

  2. The One (5 years ago)

    Since you think that, that would be the extent of your care, you should support those people’s human rights too who killed by terrorists. They have had human rights, too, they have had right to life but PKK and others killed them. Their parents,children,wives have had right to live with their son/dad/husbant, too…

  3. The One (5 years ago)

    Btw, i did not point you , I told that in general cause i see many article or news etc that supports terrorists or people who have connection with them as if they are innocent… Some countries do that especially but they do nothing for innocent people… They run after people who works for PKK and so on terrorist groups or who support them or stand by them in a way. I had meant that. This is not fair cause they kill/kidnap innocent people.Some countries who represent themselves like defender/monument of human rights but in fact they do things against it in their own countries but involve others just for political games. I meant them. Thanks.


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