Renaissance is over, say hi to dark ages

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The bright and shining age of cultural and scientific Renaissance has created the Internet. Resulted in a mass distribution of knowledge albeit questionable. And neared its own demise with the help of a virtual economy it created. Next we have chaos.

In the nineties folks said ‘if you shake trees down in Silicon Valley, investors rain like plump figs.’ And they did and did invest in hopeful start-ups like there was no tomorrow. Guess what? There wasn’t. Traditional industries lost a bunch of fresh investment; competition of the Far East drove the last pin into the coffin. Wall Street wanted to expand its riches, a whole new generation of nerds wanted to get rich. ‘Golden nineties’ of the US led the already globalized world into a recession like we never experienced before.

Historically capitalism always needed a conflict, preferably armed, every once in a while to unclog its pipes of transfer of wealth. But this once, ‘any conflict’ doesn’t quite cut it. The banking system is ridiculed by fiscal facts, governments almost everywhere lost in various forms of balance of payments crises; and as usual people are presented by a new series of bills to pay in their children’s expense. And as the grip of governments over the welfare of their subjects loosen, cracked voices start to get louder everywhere on our human-virus infected planet we call the earth.

We need a big bang! Capitalism needs to rewrite its many times rewritten rules of engagement. Yes we need austerity, we need reallocation and redefinition of democracy, we need to impoverish human rights institutions, we need to impoverish humans and create clones to die in our imminent wars. We need to recreate a whole new level of ignorance within a sphere where there is an abundance of knowledge.

Third world countries are accustomed to ‘interim’ political periods. Be it immediately after a military coup d’état or during an economical crisis, citizens of these countries are used to abrupt changes on the façade of their political regimes, and accept that fact as a de facto reality. Now the western hemisphere is getting ready for an interim mode of life that will start immediately after the US elections this year where capitalism will puke its dirty guts and clean its tarnished throat by way of a major global conflict for which the people and the governments of the Middle East were being prepared for a decade. Look behind all the turns and turmoils of the European Union and the crescent that lies between Afghanistan and Egypt, you will see the mal-composed symphony of the good old New Global Order.

I would admit there are still many indirect forces working against this master plan. Like the diminished wit of President Obama (and his administration) and the existence of a double deterrent in the name of the State of Israel among others. But in the view of the developments in the region, especially with the long standing indoctrination of the people of Turkey, the military power house in the region, a global scale conflict seems inevitable.

But (as in many other situations) the capitalist hypothesis would prove once more wrong since it underestimates firstly western public opinion and secondly the economic, hence the political might of Asia. These two factors have kept the plan of doom at bay for a decade now. But after the Presidential elections the pressures from the powers to be will be immense.

For the last sixty years people of the west have lived with various threats; communism, men from Mars, recession, poverty, huge asteroids, nuclear weapons, global warming… But the reality today is rather post-modern. Humanity might be on the verge of losing its grasp on every illusion it had about itself.

But better late than never. It’s obvious that self-knowledge shall not arrive through faith.

That is if there would be anyone left for re-enlightenment.


Cover Art: “Chaos” by Giannis Tsaganos

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  1. Carolien Geurtsen (5 years ago)

    Great read! thnx

  2. Trevor (5 years ago)

    This article reads like an insane rant and doesn’t provide anything in the way of solid evidence. Where is the potential for global military conflict? The United States and its allies have hegemonic military power: America alone spends more than the next fifteen highest military spenders COMBINED–and of the world’s top Some elements in the Muslim world are fighting a guerilla terrorist war against the west–but they are in no way positioned to fight a “major global conflict”. It goes without saying that the entire middle east–and for that matter–EVERY SINGLE rival of the US and its allies PUT TOGETHER would be utterly annihilated in a conventional military conflict with NATO. Which leaves nuclear war between the United States and Russia… Which has roughly a zero percent chance of happening…

    • Stratos Moraitis (5 years ago)

      Dear reader,

      Then I have to spill out the obvious. How would you feel if I mentioned Iran, Israel and Lebanon, not to mention Syria and Turkey and quoted several officials from those countries?


  3. hot jordans (5 years ago)

    I really like and appreciate your post.Really thank you! Great.


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