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We all carry a baggage. Until we reach the age of five, our immediate family loads us with their perception of a kid. Then, depending on where we get educated several enemies of free thinking, namely; history, civil studies, religion and many more attack us with their pre convictions, taboos and fallacies. In addition the expectations of parents and the society never end. Their personal failures and anticipations shape our to do list. The remaining capacity is loaded by the so-called expectations of society at large.

Homo sapiens is a simple creature with a relatively short life span. He simply wants to prosper and enjoy his limited years on this earth while doomed by these two simple facts. In his early years human is aware of his life’s insignificance. Throughout his existence he thrives to attach deep meanings and a way out of his trivial being. Different societies, religions or philosophies he created through time, sometimes even contradicting with his basic aspirations, were all attempts to ease that feeling.

The creations of humankind to praise his own superiority resulted in its alienation from the nature he once was a part of. And that, not only in the physical sense. By creating a philosophy and regulations concerning only humans as a life form it legalized its distinction from creation and became an alien in the system itself. And by going a step further it established the discrimination: a weapon which would shoot the humans themselves at their foot. Discrimination became the norm and evolved in time and by nature men’s creations became its hurdles to overcome.

A different degree of alienation in every culture, each became to his own and social harmony that could be easily found in say dolphin societies and in primates became a luxury and increasingly an utopia for our species. In lesser cultures men’s longing for self sustenance  and ignorance of greater well-being of the environment created such a level of self destruction that similarity of humankind to the only other organism on earth which commits suicide while trying to survive was complete: the virus.

Men had to justify that failure. In retraction, men increasingly turned to old schools of religion to give another meaning to his life which was becoming unbearable and meaningless. Then came the polarization and “clash of civilizations.” As a result of the added effect of centennial failures of men’s economical system he calls capitalism, his life even became more miserable. Humankind lost hope. Lost both in individual and communal levels.

Hopeless search for a meaning for life, especially in younger generations catalyzes the divide even further. We are becoming a species of lost souls. While thriving for our ideals; we lost contact with the minimal scientific criteria; we stopped questioning our convictions. We fight for “human rights” without examining if humans deserve to have a distinct set of rights. We defend human rights without inquiring their cost to other species. Who said humans are destined to survive?

Like an altered cell in a cancerous tissue, like a flu virus which never outlives the organism it infects, maybe humankind is destined to be eliminated from this earth in due time. And what we call progress is perhaps just another excuse to bring about that inevitable destiny.

Just think about it.

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