Uludere (Roboski) Massacre at International Criminal Court

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Turkish media and public opinion all seems to have forgotten the Uludere massacre. However BDP took the matter into International Criminal Court (ICC) for review within the context of crimes against humanity.

A quick response form the court stated that the application is accepted fır review and the decision will be communicated to the applicants. The application included government officials’ statements denying an investigation into the matter, eyewitness records, photographs, political party statements, identities and resumes on the victims, and autopsy reports.

Applicants Kisanak and Demirtas of BDP stated they have applied to the ICC because it became obvious that Turkish government and legal system will not take any action to investigate or prosecute the perpetrators of the massacre.

Although Turkey did not sign or ratify Rome Agreement which is the basis for the International Criminal Court, BDP heads think that a previous ruling by ICC against Al Bashir of Sudan will be an example for a verdict against Turkey.

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