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Annecy is a town located near Geneva on the northern tip of Lake Annecy just below the Alpine range. Coupled with Coeur d’Alene in Idaho, US it is one of the favorite spots of this humble author on the face of our earth. It’s a town of visual contrasts. The mountain range, the lake and medieval architecture on top of an unforgettable friendly atmosphere, not to mention delicious cooking, being in Annecy is like living a dream.

For me, a trip to France may not include a visit to Paris, or the attractions of Cote d’Azure, or a quick escapade to my old home town Geneva, but it should and always would include Annecy where old memories and the incredible joie de vivre is guaranteed to refresh one’s mind to fight with new windmills to come.

Trekking on the slopes of Le Mont Veyrier, Le Semnoz, La Tournette or the Parmelan, or day trips to Menthon Saint Bernard or Natural Reserve areas around is to be found nowhere else.

But my connection with Annecy is because of no beautiful sights. When you encounter such perfection as a youngster it leaves undeniable traces in your memory. Laid back living of Haute-Savoie coupled with the traditional perfection of provincial building are a match made in heaven for all taste buds to reach unheard of levels of gratification.

The most bizarre but wonderful thing about the town is even if you are there for honeymoon, you will start dining twosome but never end it without meeting a bunch of wonderful people from around the world. That I call “the magic of Annecy.” Go dine at “La Cuisine des Amis” and you’ll see that you’ll become one of the bistro’s friends at the end of the evening and your picture will most probably end up on the wall. If not, you’ll meet your worth at Le Grenier du Père Jules with cheesy Savoyard dishes, especially mountain dried sausages that can rival only the ones to be found in the mountains of Peloponnesos. Le Chalet is my favorite spot on the riverside. Yes, it’s on the tourist trail, but it never lost its Savoy cosiness and cuisine. To be reopened in March 2012, Le Chalet is no kitchen to miss in Annecy. Also the small pizzerias and fruits de mer specialists near the river are not to be missed.

Every season has its vices in Annecy. Autumn and winter invites you to gatherings around fireplaces in a Savoyard chalet where spring and summer is a feast to the eyes where natural beauty merges with the buzz of life restarting in this wonderful corner of the world.

When you find yourself meddling with the daily craziness of life, and when you realize a trip to France is inevitable, you immediately will discover yourself daydreaming about a visit to Annecy once you meet her. And every reunion will add wonderful memories to our otherwise hectic and obsolete time on earth we call life.

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  1. Alex (5 years ago)

    You might never find Annecy if you mix up Annecy-le-Vieux (74940, 20k people) and Annecy (74000, 50k people)..

    • Stratos (5 years ago)

      You’re right. Duly corrected.

  2. Kemal Kaya (5 years ago)

    Lake view looks awesome, also town is beautiful. I haven’t known this place. I’d like to be there in Autumn.


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