Hrant’s Friends: “State is an accomplice to the crime”

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As a reaction to government officials claiming they have done everything they can to investigate Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink’s murder, the self-acclaimed group “Hrant’s Friends” released a press declaration in Istanbul yesterday.

Ümit Kıvanç reading the statement said:

“Government says they did everything they could.

We say; ‘it’s a shame what you say because:’

1. There were many efforts expected from you despite the workings of the judiciary, and you didn’t.

2. Court hearings were a scandal not only due to the verdict. Because the administration didn’t contribute its share and the right case was never opened.

3. All public servants who destroyed the evidence, tempered with documents, resisting and belittling the righteous demands of defense lawyers are all your employees. If you have shown a will towards justice none of this outrage have happened.

We congratulate you for becoming an accomplice in a murder which at first targeted your authority as well.

Even if the case is reopened and exonerated would be convicted the justice wouldn’t be done since some of the persons who ordered the murder and public servants who enabled the path to the murder are accused in that court case.”

Ümit Kıvanç added that they have no hope in the higher court in contrary to what Minister of Justice suggested because of the fact that accused do not include the real perpetrators of Hrant Dink murder.

Last week the court has decided the murder was not an organized crime and convicted the group related to the murder to minor jail time.

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