Hrant Dink. In Memoriam

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Tomorrow is January 19th. Since 2008, it is the anniversary of Hrant Dink’s treacherous murder by one nationalist pawn in front of his newspaper, Agos in Istanbul on January 19th, 2007.

It was a murder perpetrated by a number of public officials, carried out by a radicalized gunman and his co-conspirators. This company killed a man, a journalist, an Armenian, a husband, a father, a philanthropist, a human being.

His murder was preconceived. He was warned of his fate in the offices of high-ranking public officers in Istanbul. Yet, he was killed. After his death, police claimed he didn’t request protection.

Yesterday his murder case came to an end. The judges decided that it was not a preconceived organizational crime acquitting some of the perpetrators.

That’s the story as told by many since the murder, albeit a short version.

But that simple story depicting the injustice in Turkey’s judiciary, or even in Turkey’s public conscience is far from the real story behind the scenes. And I’m not talking about the tragedy that Dink family faced in the face of the last five years’ events.

After Dink’s death thousands marched in protest shouting “We are all Hrant Dink, we are all Armenians.” And since that day NGO’s and human rights organizations used the same phrase to demonstrate their support to the cause. And the cause being to investigate the murder and bring about the real perpetrators acting behind the scenes in many events of modern Turkish history, namely the so-called “deep state.”

However the public at large didn’t care about this murder. Hrant Dink was only an Armenian to them. And an Armenian by nature is a potential traitor in this country whose sole purpose to stay at his home country is to cause trouble. People criticized the slogan “We are all Armenians”, went even further to defend and idolize the killers. People wore white berets as the killer did after the murder to support him. In custody policemen took their pictures with the murderer in front of national flag. At best people expressed their sorrow with a faint smile on the corner of their lips: “what would you expect, he was an Armenian and a trouble-maker.”

State joined people to convict Hrant Dink posthumously for charges against the state.

Tomorrow, we will join the crowd to remember Hrant Dink. Tomorrow we will curse the judiciary system that is unfair and acts against common decency. However, that is not enough. Because Hrant was not killed only 5 years ago tomorrow. Him and his memory were killed thousands of times and everyday since his soul met his creator. All the hatred created by this system we call education here in Turkey against “the others” is killing Hrant’s memory as it outraged the grandchildren of the victims of the Armenian Genocide for a century. Ignorance and undocumented pride have poisoned the minds of several generations. And the hand behind Hrant’s death is still on the trigger.

The court’s decision not to point at the real perpetrators will make that hand more trigger happy in the future.

There is only one question to ask: Who’s next?

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  1. Alice (5 years ago)

    Thank you for posting this story! I find it painful that a beautiful soul was robbed from life too soon. RIP Hrant Dink

  2. Alice (5 years ago)

    Thank you for posting this story! I find it so sad that this beautiful soul was robbed of life too soon. R.I.P Hrant Dink


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