Massacre at Bogaziçi University

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An installation in memory of civilians massacred at Uludere by Turkish Air Forces:

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  1. kasim tasdan (6 years ago)

    I dont know who you are, or who you are working for, and i dont understand what is your deal with Turks. But it is obvious that your duty is to persuade the world that Turkey is a country who dont respect human rights. Who gives you the right to say Turkis Air Force committed massacre? I tried to explain the whole situation on your last post, and saw you have not got the guts to argue me on this topic. Still waiting for your response. by the way, here something to show who my country is trying to cope with.[Link removed], and to show where you got paid for, [Link Removed]. see you at your next full of lies post

  2. angela lois (6 years ago)

    your so wrong turkey is a country really respect human rights, unfortunatelly the other countries dont want the turkeys power beause in a little time this contry will be great power of middle east so, other countries try so plans (like france armenia boolsheet) on turkey, and people are in this video only provocateurs aganist turkey


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