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Pro-Kurdish BDP co-chair Demirtas said yesterday that the government has divided the country emotionally.

He was referring to the ignorance to the pain the Kurds felt after bombing of a group of youngster smugglers on Iraqi border by the majority of the population and especially by the state officials.

In a country where unity denotes a geographical but not a social notion, these words are perceived as a threat to divide the country to free Northern Kurdistan. The question that should be asked is if these emotional words are really the cause of that divide. Because Demirtas in the same speech went on to say: “unite us with your feelings, share our chagrin and unite us!”

During the same time state officials are calling the murdered kids in Uludere, “the deceased”. What did they die of? Cholera? Rabies? A train accident?

When Kurds express their pain, they are labeled by the Prime Minister Erdogan as provocateurs. When it comes to blame someone, it is the previous PKK tactics that led to “mistakes” causing the “deaths”. Calling murder murder has become an easy reason to call it treason.

Talking heads on TV stations talk about the Kurdish people using the article “they”. Who are they? Do they have a name? Does their life have a weight in Turkish conscience?

Requesting an apology is the worst of all crimes. Ex-chief editor of the number one daily in Turkey is congratulating the army for killing kids based on the excuse that it could be considered as collateral damage in a war in which the primary goal is to protect the lives of “Turkish” people. Who are these Turkish people then? Obviously not the Kurds. Kurds are considered Kurds or Turks whenever it suits the Pravda editors of the freak show that calls itself press in Turkey. An apology, according to them is “an insult to the memories of fallen soldiers of the past.”

A minister says they cannot allocate a copter for the opposition leader’s visit to the area because then they would have to allot one to BDP leader as well. They are all legitimate parties of the parliament Mr. Minister and the state vehicles belong to us, not you! And my vote counts as well as your electorate’s.

It is obvious that the global political systems are on their way to radicalization towards far-right again. It’s the usual acute disease of capitalism that it needs to rejuvenate itself by killing as many people as possible every century. But in this neck of the woods the arrogance of the “elected” has reached to enormous levels threatening almost every single citizen who can think.

On both social and emotional level division bells are ringing for Turkey. A late-blooming individualism in addition to ever-present sense of ethnicity will play an important role in this division. It would hardly be geographical, but in the ways we live our daily lives, it will have its lions share of influence.

The events of the last few days of 2011 are the preliminary signs of change. A change which will shook Turks socially if not geographically. A close look at recent history will show undoubtedly that when leaders start howling around without a single hint of common sense, and listening to them in the first row almost equals to having a shower, the people seem to eradicate them and what they represent sooner or later.


(On the details of events in Uludere, please read “Management by Proxy….

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  1. kasim tasdan (6 years ago)

    iwish u have talked someone in the government, listened to the party, then have written your opinions.
    First of all, the place that this sorrowful event had been taken place is the road which is used buy pkk militans. It is at the Iraqi border, very hard conditions because of the winter and the geographical structure. Second, the government is aware of smuggling and most of the dead (killed, what ever you name it)smugglers were armed officers against the pkk militans at the past. In another meaning, they were with the state part not with PKK. As a result of this, government didn’t and doesn’t intervene the smuggling, kowing if these smugglers dont do it, pkk will do it.
    Third, two dead smugglers cell phone gave signal at a PKK camp which is nearby the bombed spot.
    Fourth, the smugglers always take charge at most with 5 or 6 people, but they were more than 40 when the bombings happened.It is still investigated who told them to unite and smuggle all together.
    Fifth, there was serious intel that PKK militans will try to enter the borders as smugglers and attack Turkish military forces.
    Therefore, it is obvious that this is not a deliberate attack, government should be crazy to bomb their own citizens, especially most of them were engaged a lot of operations against PKK militans.
    But, There is no doubt the military and the Turkish Intelligence Agency has been failed, they sohuld have checked the intel very carefully and they are the main responsible actors of this disaster.

    On the other hand, u cant say that the government doesnt care the Kurds, as a half Kurdish half Turkish citizen there is nothing Kurds cant do which Turks can do. They can be doctors, prime ministers even presidents, ministers, judges, prosecutors.They can freely speak Kurdish in every inch of the country.
    Although, you are taking BDP too serious. There is a record in internet that shows 3 importand BDP figures talking and laughing loudly after the bombings, and one of them is saying This is Tayyip’a (prime minister) 35 bullets.

  2. Fatih (6 years ago)

    1.There haven’t been operation in this road,also Pkk didn’t use this area since 1999.

    2.Soldiers konow that these persons are smugglers(their’s name, time,etc…)

    3.Soldiers had got technical capacity whether or not these persons smugglers.

    [Non-english content removed].

    • kasım tasdan (6 years ago)

      The road that the smugglers use is only 25 kms away from the PKK camp haftanin. Again i have to say that two of the smugglers cell phone gave signal at this camp a few hours ago of the incident.I agree the local military know that smugglers use that location, so also PKK.smugglers never pass that location over 6, but they were more than 40.It is obvious that this is planned, someone wnat them dead, and used them whether they know it or not. As a half kurdish-half turkish citizen i feel the pain. But saying the government did it delibirately is nothing but stupidity. Government is that moron to kill their own citizen, knowing there will be so much reaction and it will harm to the peace efforts. Everyone know that there is a new era at kurdish problem.The state is working hard to solve it, but PKK and their masters are avoiding it. Also, are you that naive to say there were no operations there since 1999?So that means ther should never be operations at that area?Military should say, well we got intel there are PKK militans, but there is no operation there since 1999, so let them pass?
      You, Fatih, and your collagues, u will never success to divide this country, and make turks and kurds enemy. And as a prove that you are not sincere of feeling the pain (we cant see you and your mates when PKK kill innocent people to react as the same way), here Selahattin Demirtas’s party, BDP’s members after the incident laughing and enjoying their time: [Link Removed]
      [Non-english content removed]

  3. Ciwan (6 years ago)

    1- how do you know that? Can you prove your claim? PKK run away from soldiers till months, so of course they can use different ways they didnt use before.

    2- Of course they soldiers know which people smugglers or not. Smuggling is very common on this area and nobody cant know who is smuggler or not better than soldiers, their name, time etc.

    3- We live this area and we exactly know best that seperatist kurdish political party’s lies and provocations

    Not: Evet 30 yıldır insanlar ölüyor , daha çok bu yörenin insanı zarar görüyor. TC devleti 30 yıldır bu sorunu çözmek için uğraşıyor.Bu 30 yılda kendini Kürt halkının silahlı gücü olarak lanse eden Terör örgütünün kaç bin kürt insanını kadın, çoluk çocuk yaşlı demeden katlettiğini hatırlatırım! Yalan söyleme binlerce kürt pkk tarafından katledildi Toprak Yalan Tutmaz.

  4. mert (5 years ago)

    what a considendce that most of the topics are Turkey related, they are all negative , and the site name is globaltimes 🙂
    so your intentsion is clear.

    we know who you are and who your sponsors are, we just stand, truth will appear!

    baykuştan pervamız yok, biz şahinler sürüsüyüz!


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