Turkey: Proud of its past, repeating all mistakes

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 Bombs from F-16 planes killed at least 36 Kurdish smugglers. Most of the dead belonged two extended families and were carrying diesel for sale in Turkey. They were an average of 20 years old.

In the villages neighboring Iraq and Syria main occupation is smuggling goods from those countries since the taxes and prices in Turkey on main commodities are very high. Also high level of unemployment in Turkey’s Kurdistan region plays an important role in this mode of living. Separatist PKK has also been accused of smuggling operations as well as the Turkish Security Forces themselves.

The events were hidden from mass media until this morning until after Turkish Military press release which mostly blamed the deceased claiming that the area should be unmanned and any action could be mistaken as PKK guerrilla activity.

As of this afternoon, the state officials are still silent or in denial that the murdered were civilians. The murdered are accused of being smugglers in state statements. In a country where only half of the taxes due could be collected by the government, who is a smuggler and who is a decent citizen could be a long debate. Turkey is also known as a stronghold of state sponsored crime and trafficking of illegal commodities.

In the same time Western press is coming up with dual headlines featuring the attack on Kurdish civilians and the silence of Turkish media until they are only allowed to write what the government orders them to say.

Yesterday’s events are in rapport with the developments of last week when French Parliament accepted a bill which outlaws denial of Armenian Genocide in France. Turkish official rhetoric was always in denial of killings of the Armenian population in 1915. Officials belittled their counterparts defending freedom of speech against French legislative more or less. But their common denominator was denial of any wrongdoings against any minorities past or present by Turkey or its predecessors.

Turkey, while championing democracy and human rights in its relations with Arab states in the region, acts like a dictatorship to its own citizens, might they be journalists, academicians, minorities or dissidents.

Yesterday’s massacre shows once more that state mechanism in Turkey is a fierce inhumane machine that crush all opposition and diversity. Turkey needs close monitoring and checks and balances on its compliance to modern values of civilization in the back garden of Europe.

Photos courtesy of RojTv (FNA) and Efkan Bolaç (@efkanbolac)

Pro-Kurdish BDP supporters have gathered at Taksim Square in Istanbul on 16:00 hours to protest yesterday’s killings. The police teams attacked the protesters with teargas and clashed with dispersing crowds.




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  1. alll (5 years ago)

    Turkey has no region called as “Kurdistan”. News should be more objective an reliable.

  2. arif eren (5 years ago)

    The first to accuse for this unwanted bombing event is the PKK terrorism ant the psychology it causes. Actually, after this event, you can see them laughing at the background.
    Life has taught me something important. For all the good events and bad events, the first person responsible is myself. When I was young, my father told me that he would not be able to afford to send me to university but I studied with great difficulties and now I live a better life. Moreover I have got two children and I spent all my money and time for the future of my children.
    And Lets see the situation of some unlucky! Kurds. Most families have dozens of children. They are uneager to send their children even to primary school and instead of sending their children to school they make them work. Actually This PKK makes them harm the schools and frighten the teachers the state send to them with difficulty. Additionally they unwelcome any facility or factory made in the Sothern east provinces. They burn the machines that build roads, dams, schools etc. and frighten the workers. In Turkey education, including universities, and health care is free and therefore we must pay heavy taxes. And the Pkk terrorism worsens the situation. We hear that, in the southern east, people are uneager to pay even for their electric and water bills. They want everything to be made by the state. Because of these reasons, the situation for the working and taxpaying people is already difficult any we welcome any help that will be made to share the bill(especially by the people criticizing Turks in general for the problems of some people).

    • Stratos Moraitis (5 years ago)

      I have published the above comment to demonstrate the bias and simple racism in Turkey towards the Kurds. What bugs my mind is why Turkish status-quo, when it is apparent that they do not wish to live with any people who are “different” than them, do not let the division bells to ring? It is obvious that Kurds, Armenians and Greeks as well as other minorities are persona-non-grata for over a hundred years. Why not leave their lands and let the Lausanneism be glorified to the extreme.
      On another note, I thank the commenter for giving me the idea for my next article.

    • Cihan Ademhan (5 years ago)

      I used to think that we can live Kurdish and Turkish together in a democratic country.(actually I kept hoping) But it is obvious we cannot. As you Turkish people are so narrow minded. You have no idea about humanity. SHAME ON YOU that you don’t feel sorry for that massacre!

  3. Cihan Ademhan (5 years ago)

    Whoever you are “all” you should try not to be so ridiculous and blind. Est and south est of Turkey is Kurdish land as you know. But I know you Turkish are very good at denying.Like you keep denying Armenian genocide, you used to deny existence of Kurdish people. Welldone to you :))) be proud of yourself and your uncivilized country.You are powerful you can bomb us , kill us whenever you want. You are great!

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