On Human Rights, Van, sex, and other related stupidities

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In the known universe sole human rights offenders are humans.

Other animals don’t even have rights, but none violate another’s “animality.” Only humans violate animal rights as well.

And especially when their ignorant doctrines are institutionalized in the form of states, those become lunatic offenders of everything held dear to civilization. In the root of the lunacy is resistance to change.

When you read the media, listen to people chat in cafes, hear politicians speak in Turkey, independent of their beliefs or political stance, there are certain recurring points which brings this author to the same conclusion time over time: racism is so deeply rooted in this society that it is the common denominator of all its aspects . In the Middle East where ethnicity is blurred and state lines are artificial, exaggerated nationalism could be considered normal. But in many countries, especially in the European ones, since the democracies were based on – albeit forced upon in some – a social contract, this nationalistic tendencies exist under severe checks and balances. However in authoritarian states such as Turkey, these checks and balances are implemented enforcing the oppression by the state in the expense of its people.

And in most instances state oppresses using a scapegoat to make an example for the people at large.

And authoritarian states are relentless.

In its history of 88 years it has oppressed religious orders, Kurds, Armenians, democrats, communists, socialists, center-leftists, Greeks, Georgians, immigrants and Kurds so indiscriminately that it alienated every progressive section in its core. And by oppression this author means outright annihilation, murder and even genocide if necessary.

In Turkey, as in any modern state, ethnic origins of most Kurds, since they were never allowed to get Kurdish names, are not identifiable in their identity papers. Pursuing the earthquake in Van, the state deemed all citizens living in the area with the only exception of teachers on duty there as Kurds, and treated them accordingly. Relief efforts, collectively provided by the civil initiative around the country were brutally hindered by local authorities. After almost two weeks later the quake, most women and children are helpless and sick in the dead of winter especially in the villages around Van.

Van experience is a good example of Turkish state turning help into torture. Villagers scattered around without any access to real assistance in survival while the “mighty” Turkish military is in pursuit of their sons and daughters in the mountains of northern Iraq. At the same time, after such a lengthy time, citizens are living under desperate conditions without a roof over their heads.

Alas the primary force behind the relief efforts for the earthquake victims being the social media and NGO’s, after two weeks, the fate of this far away forgotten land is lost among the many more exciting agenda of ever-changing world of Twitter and Facebook. Yet we need another “spring” to ease the standards of the underprivileged barely surviving there.

There is only one way out of this shame: Turkish people should immediately realize the impasse they are forced into. The the is using the temporary flux of petrol dollars into the country to build an authoritarian state as it never happened in Turkish history before. When this influx should end – which it will since it is in the form of short-term stock market investments – Turkey will return to its poverty, only with no human rights intact. That is the danger glooming in the corner.

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