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I met him when he was teaching at a high school at Los Gatos. He was laid off from his last job and he was taking his leave very seriously. I’ve never liked tech giants. Having earned most of my money during the first Internet hype, I always respected visionaries, but their attitude towards life in general always irritated me somehow. Having read many things about the man, what I was expecting was an arrogant asshole, who did nothing and pretended that he is the creator of the universe. Not that he wouldn’t be right pretending that, what I found was quite the opposite. He was the epitome of humility with his dealings with the kids. Even with myself!

Naturally, we had only a brief encounter in which I was totally in gasping admiration while he was busy hinting about the cornerstones of his genius. And then of course I was younger. These zillion questions that I have in my mind now, all but escaped me then. His humility astonished me then, as it still does now.

Steve Jobs retired from active duty this week. He had created many products, albeit successfull or not they were all mere cries for perfection. His babies were always imitated and never vice-versa. The designs he pioneered will define at least next few decades to come in electronics. That is until a future Jobs would steal the throne. After decades of commercial failure, he is leaving his position as Apple’s CEO after making it the most valuable company on Earth.

As a customer, I owe him (and of course to the great team we call Apple) a personal and great thank you for saving me all the time I would have spent in front of a Windows PC all these years and making my life real easy without claiming it even once (unlike the competition).

Thank you Steve, and remember, if prayers work you’ll be healthy in no time.

Dear readers, I know the following speech has been posted over and over again. But each time I listen to it, it still inspires me in a different way than before. I don’t know how many times my daughter has watched it, but she still says she finds it the best college speech she ever heard. So here it goes;

Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech

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