Record Store Day Playlist – A brief personal voyage in music history

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Record stores played and important role in our youth. We gathered, we shared, we demanded. A feeling now lost in the clusters of huge megastores. Like many other things, record stores no longer are personal.

Here is something very personal though… A private visit to my intimate music memories in time. If you wish to join, go ahead and enjoy!


  • Here’s my favorite song from the first ever record I bought back in the 60’s

  • And one day when I finally got this shipped from France I learned he died the very day. RIP Brel

  • On and off my life was filled with his tunes on and off stage.He marked many good & sad memories RIP my namesake

  • Rarely they showed her pictures in original.Only Greek we could hear loud as kids.& we were all in luv of course

  • Proof that “Καημος” sounds the same in every language, his records did but move us all the way

  • On New Year’s eve in ’89 I came across this in a store in Omonia. I’m in love ever since

  • He’s the reason I learned what “pin ups” means as a kid. He is still the ultimate artist

  • My taste in rock was single-handedly shaped by them. I’m forever in debt of Fripp

  • I find watching them live as a proof of being alive. RIP the incredible Bon Scott. By the way, that bears no disrespect for the great Brian Johnson, may he live long….

  • He might have been lost in the labyrinth of commercial failure, but to me, he’s one of the greatest composers of 20th Century

  • Contrary to common belief, I once was a teenager, too

  • If you’re old enough to remember junta days in Plaka, this would mean a lot to you

  • For me the best ballad ever written… A salute is in order for the “artist phantasomagical”

  • Best recording on vinyl ever so far, recorded the year I was born

  • “We all stayed home tonight” chez Cohen all our lives, with or without lovers

  • My hero, my spirit in action tells us miracles do happen even if you’re a hard line pessimist

  • Did you know we labeled this as “disco” when it first came out among hardcore rock circles? Funny huh?

  • No music history is complete without the greatest MC of all times: RIP Michael

  • She’s exceptional, she sings like few have ever done

  • Last, but not the least of course; she owns my heart for the longest time…

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