Underdog youth invade Istanbul

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With special gratitude to Çiğdem Mater and Rana Şenol for their great photography.


Photo courtesy of Çiğdem Mater (@cigdemmater)

Two weeks ago it was time for the yearly university qualification exams in Turkey. As the exam passed, a formula to find out the correct one among multiple choice answers was discovered. It has also been found out that this formula pointed the correct answer in at least 60% of all questions. 1,700,000 candidates took the exam and even one correct answer gives you the advantage of beating at least thousand “rivals.”

OSYM, the authority performing all such exams in Turkey, accepted that the exam could be solved by using the formula but refused to cancel the exam this year. Since the search for the exact formula increased in Google days before the exam was taken, suspicions rose that it could be leaked to certain people before the exam.

Photo courtesy of Rana Şenol (@RanaSenol)

Today, high school students organized protests all over the country. In Istanbul thousands of students and their supporters met at Galatasaray square and marched towards Taksim chanting slogans. Their demands center around fair exams and free education. They also accuse Fethullah Gülen’s religious organization for leaking the code to their followers for guaranteed success in the exam.

Students marched to Taksim and ended the demonstrations there without incident.

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