Greek Orthodox Community in Turkey accepts aid from Red Crescent for new immigrants

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Yesterday Turkish Red Crescent delivered 8 tons of humanitarian aid to the representative of Orthodox Patriarchate, Father Dositheos Anagnostopoulos. The aid material consist of food items, stationary and toys to be delivered to needy. Turkish Red Crescent has also delivered aid materials to Turkish Armenian community last Christmas.

At the ceremony held in Agia Triada Orthodox Church at Taksim, Istanbul, head of Red Crescent Mr. Tekin Küçükali said “Pain does not have a religion, a language or a race, pain is pain.” Father Anagnostopoulos mentioned that in this country Christians, Muslims and Jews have to live together and solve their problems together:

“We all know the function and value of 200 years old Greek foundations and associations in Istanbul in society. We try to follow-up in that tradition. What happens today is one of the biggest achievements of Red Crescent in Istanbul. You all know the past. But the past has passed. We now believe we all need to support each other. Today we see that in action. Love is not only theoretical. It has to be practical. Today is the proof of that love applied.”

Tekin Küçükali noted that they are all children of the same country: “We are all created by the same God Almighty. We all belong to the group of people who believe that tears have no color…. We believe that to stop pain is the greatest of all deeds.”

Ceremony held at Agia Triada

Mr. Tekinali has visited the Patriarchate recently and presented a message to His Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew that Red Crescent is ready to deliver any means necessary to help needy Orthodox citizens. In that meeting The Patriarch has offered his gratitude for Turkish Red Crescent’s successes in Turkey as well as overseas.

The Globe Times have been informed that a Turkish Greek Association to provide funds for member foundations have requested such an aid to be provided for distribution among migrated Arabic-speaking Orthodox Christians in Istanbul.


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