Smyrna 1922 – Rare footage of Greek Exodus

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In 1922 Greeks of Asia Minor had to flee their last refugee, Smyrna. Here’s some rare footage from YMCA and YWCA on their relief efforts.

And some more International footage on Asia Minor Catastrophe

With special thanks and gratitude to @mbachtse

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  1. Dmitri (6 years ago)

    and that must have taught motherland greeks not to go into war as somebody else’s pawn. or against the ex-rulers of the country.

  2. Nikos (4 years ago)

    Mr Dmitri,,,,Asia minor was never turkish. The turks appeared in the region during the Medieval times.

    The turks first appeared from Mongolia somewhere in Medieval times. In ancient times the turks did not existed in the region

  3. Bekir Ozan (3 years ago)

    If so, what I was looking for Alexander the Great in Asia?
    While the Greeks of Asia would be good, right?


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