Dink: “Turkey should not boast of being a social state”

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Wife of slain Armenian-Turkish journalist Hrant Dink, Rakel Dink said she doesn’t know how discriminative and racist comments, behavior, plans and projects would be collected, put aside and trashed.

She spoke at “Setting up peace” conference organized by Peace Initiative yesterday. Saying she is in front of the participants as a discriminated citizen because she’s an Armenian speaking Armenian and Kurdish, and a Christian both in social and political spheres of life.

Dink said there are many issues to be addressed, reminding that Ministry of Education has printed school books in Armenian in 2010, she said even in these books the characters still bear only Turkish names. She added her Kurdish tongue is still prohibited and being a Christian is a totally different problem in this country; no one is even aware what the Christians are facing everyday. She said:

“Everyone knows everything in Turkey. Everyday experiences forces one to become a hermit. If there were one extravert who came out of the closet in 90 years, he was my husband. And they made him disappear somehow. Not everyone could get old in this country, and not all who get old mature.

In reality, fears, hatred for “the other”, ambitions, hatred, stereotypes, distrust belittle us everyday. They distance us both from our Creator and our identity. We taint ourselves as well as everyone around us with lies we lay before us.  We are scared to face the truth about us. There is no maturity without change albeit painful and appalling.”

Quoting verses from the Bible, Rakel Dink narrated an anecdote in Kurdish.

“We can only be healed together”

Rakel Dink reminding that participants of the Armenian Conference in 2005 were all labeled as “traitors”, said “we will be considered as traitors for attending this meeting as well.”  Dink added everybody now knows about September 6-7 [1955] events and nothing is denied any longer:

“But still no one dares to take the responsibility and apologize for it. And just because no one does the events keep on repeating itself.”

Dink said one cannot even imagine peace without justice. She added; “justice is about giving his due to the righteous as well as to punish the culprit. Delayed justice encourage perpetrators, and glamorize crime. We witness rapists and murders escape from justice everyday. Turkey should not boast about being a social, democratic and lawful state.”

Participants gave her a standing ovation when she was over with her oratory then she was in tears.

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