“Don’t Let Israelis In” says IHH Chief

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Human Rights and Liberties Humanitarian Aid Foundation (IHH) Chief Bülent Yıldırım attended a “Gaza solidarity in remembrance of Mavi Marmara Martyrs” meeting in Alanya, Turkey. IHH was made famous by “Mavi Marmara Flotilla” attacked by Israeli Defence Forces on its way to bring Gaza humanitarian aid. In the meeting in Alanya, Yıldırım announced that the foundation is organizing another shipment of aid material to be delivered to Palestinians in Gaza. The new flotilla will attempt to travel to Gaza next June.

Yıldırım in his speech stated that Alanya is a touristic city and many Israeli tourists prefer to spend their holidays there. He said:

“They come, but they don’t spend any money. Turkey is the sole tourism destination for Israelis. I ask this in the name of our martyrs. …. you must stand against Israelis coming here. Even if we want to keep silent for their money, these [Israelis] are money-grubbers. They won’t spend any penny.”

He Almost Declared Jihad

In addition to his anti-semitic racist remarks IHH Chief declared that a ship will sail from every country in June. “We shall not step back” he continued.

“Until Israel ends the embargo and until we reach Jerusalem we will continue our land, sea and air operations. Everyone should realize that.

All world leaders should know that we don’t have a problem with Christians or with Judaism. We have a problem with [their] location. Until Al-Aqsa Mosque is liberated from Israeli yoke we will voice our demands. We speak with courage and without fear. We have a problem with Zionism, the virus of humanity.”

IHH is known to provide humanitarian aid to Muslims in need worldwide. There has been many questions risen and investigations initiated on their resources and funding in Turkey.

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