New YGS Scandal in Turkey: What happened in Prisons?

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Turkey has been talking about the scandal on university qualification exams (YGS) about a “code” which can be used to guess the right multiple choice answer in 80% of the questions. This code used a simple mod-median algorithm to figure the correct option out. Increase in Google search for the keywords “mod” and “median” a day before the exam rose suspicions that government has leaked the “code” to people close to its ideology.

Today The Globe Times has obtained information about a bigger scandal in YGS. A professor we have interviewed who worked as a surveillant at an exam center in Adana claimed that question booklets that were distributed in exam centers in jailhouses did not contain any answers for science questions. Yes, all books lacked answer sets for all science questions that the students were supposed to select from. They have realized that in 45 minutes since the science questions are towards the end of the booklets. When they were aware of that mistake, they suspended the exam for several hours until new question booklets arrived. Since answer sets for each booklet is different, all candidates in these exam centers had to solve the rest of the questions (Mathematics, Social and Turkish) once more. Surveillants did not let them talk or use the bathroom until the complete exam is over,  in addition the time was reset at the arrival of new booklets, but these developments obviously destroyed the principle of equality among the candidates who took the exam last weekend. Latest events obviously make it necessary to annul the exams altogether.

These allegations were made to The Globe Times correspondent in Adana by a university professor who wants to remain anonymous.

We will continue to investigate these allegations further.

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