Attack on BDP Adana Offices

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Vedat Bayab, a worker at Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) Adana office came to the building this morning, only to be attacked by five unidentified perpetrators.


After immobilizing Bayab, perpetrators entered the master office and destroyed the furniture and documents there.

Vedat Bayab was injured at his head and lost consciousness after the attack and did not witness the aftermath. He said: “When I arrived at the offices I saw five people waiting at the door. Upon unlocking they attacked me and I don’t remember what happened next.” Upon arrival of a passersby at the offices police were notified and started an investigation.

In Turkey Kurdish BDP officers, supporters and Members of Parliament are often attacked by nationalist groups. Their premises were victims of vandalism and bomb attacks in many cases. They are also subjected to police raids, arrests and intimidation by security forces purely because of their remarks. Recently two BDP MP’s were beaten by the police and taken to the hospital.

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