Just let it be…

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I need closure. I need an end. I, I, I, I, yes, this is about me. Otherwise I’ll lose it. I need to block the voices.

Every month, there is a stupid development in the news about Hrant. In his life, everyday, there were news from somewhere that killed him. He yelled many times that he was sick and tired. Of ignorance. Of irrelevancies.

Now, it’s my turn. I’m tired of anything that is done to remember, to forget, to martyrize, to embellish him or his memory. I’m just tired.

That could easily be my ending. Of a story that has been told for so long, and became its own rival, its own nemesis. I don’t love him because he was a great man. I never cared if he was right or wrong, or if he changed the word or solved the Armenian problem.

You need to get this. I loved him because he was him. A soul, a heart, who shared my existence for extensive periods of time. That’s what I cherish. And that’s all.

That could easily be my end. Don’t want to share. Don’t want to remember, don’t want that pain. It’s over. I want peace. I need closure. I don’t want to hear loud voices.

Just peace.

And may the peace be with you my friend.

Just let us be…


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