To Apple or not to Apple

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Confusion abound. As a long time Apple user I’m confused too. Are we going back to the days of 1980’s where Apple ruled the world with new toy ideas? Where Jobs ran after one idea after another, ending up creating MacIntosh and ruining Lisa? Or is it still the “new” Jobs and innovation is more disciplined and streamlined?

My problem: OK, iPhone and iPad are creating great revenues and market domination for the company. But Apple still has incredible Macs and an incredible OS to take care of. We haven’t seen any major renovation since Snow Leopard on the latter. And while cutting edge renovations are being introduced on every iPhone generation, our Macs are unibodies still. Yet, we still pay a huge premium for them.

I accept that Windows and PC’s still have a long way to go to even get closer. But I’d like to know if Apple is becoming a gadget corporation. Look at an Apple Store and if you scratch the gloss on top, you’ll see what I mean.

Where is the tablet Mac that my daughter is waiting for since she was in middle school? iPad? No way, she became a graphics guru on a MBP and there is no way she’ll be satisfied with a gadget that cannot run Photoshop or Illustrator. She needs a tablet Mac like so many other professionals.

As I write these words on my MBP, I feel uneasy. I’m so used to be sitting at the cutting edge of technology thanks to Apple for so many years, I’m uneasy about the near future of my computing habits.

If Apple ignores us Mac aficionados, there will be an Android that would come up and destroy our comfort, and I’d hate Apple for it if that day comes. Jobs needs to reinvent himself again?

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