And hence, silence cometh

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to this land of lost souls. Wherever they are, whatever they cultivate.

Sometimes forcing your luck decreases the possibility of a positive outcome writes Trevanian. I feel I’ve forced it beyond comprehension. People, getting tired of rants, complaining about inconsistencies.

How to be consistent when the “love outreach program” is banned before inauguration. How to be fair when unfairness dictates your life.

Moment comes, you say “let it be then”. Time to remove all the pastries from the window and close down the shop for a while. To find a wind to carry you to foreign lands, to unknown harbors, to undiscovered whores.

Those who cannot (read cannot handle), usually run.

Let it be me this time.

See you on the other side of the story I hope. If you can hang on.

If you cannot. Farewell y’all.

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