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I interviewed a believer in faith. The faith of Islam. She is only one person. Her thoughts might not represent many who has and will join a “flotilla” that would try to cut through Israeli blockade to Gaza. But still she believes that it does. She says her approach to bring aid to people in Gaza is shared among many who acted on their faith. I remain uncertain.

“Why would you like to go to Gaza?”

“Because they are the only muslims. We want to help them fight Israel. Israel is killing children and women. I don’t believe, say, the people in Turkey or in Saudi Arabia are muslims. People in Gaza are the real muslims, and their need precedes any other.”

“But, IHH director said the aid to Gaza was not an Islamic move, it was a humanitarian move.”

“Of course it was. But our priority was Islam. We wouldn’t help anyone on the planet. There are too many in need, our priority was muslims, and real muslims for that matter.”

“There are many muslims in need throughout the world. For example Kurds are muslims, too. And they are in dire need of aid in two different countries. Why wouldn’t you help them for example?”

“They are muslims, but they are also tools of western, Israeli and Armenian conspiracies against Turkey. They don’t deserve Islamic aid. Also, many people living in Turkey are not real muslims themselves. They don’t turn to “Allah” in life. They prioritize other things in life. They don’t put “Allah” first.”

“If you go with the next flotilla, very likely, Israeli Defense Forces will intercept the ships and prevent them to enter Gaza. What will you personally do if they board the ship and attempt to arrest people on board?”

“We will not fight. People on the first flotilla didn’t fight as well. Israelis started shooting them”

“But there were videos that depict people attacking soldiers and throwing one overboard?

“These were all fabricated. How can you believe what Israelis show? Or the USA or any western force? Their agenda is obvious. Israel and her western allies are powerful. They manipulate everything you see.”

“But really why? Why would you leave your job, your life here and put yourself in harms way to help people who were accused of helping a terrorist organization and attacking Israeli land with missiles?”

“I’m not saying that I’ll go for sure. But if there’ll be another ship, whether it be from Turkey or not, I want to be in it. And God willing, I’ll be. These people need our help. God directs us to help them. I won’t be doing this for myself, or only for their welfare; I’d be doing it for the road to “Allah”.

Surely, I asked her some personal questions as well. Although they are exempt from this interview, suffice it to say that, if my subject was a representative of the flotilla passengers, it was not a humane effort, it was an Islamic one. And it happened to make a point against Israel, their perceived tool of satan against Islamic welfare.

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  1. Kemal Kaya (4 years ago)

    She is right: ‘There are many muslims in need throughout the world. For example Kurds are muslims’ but most of peaople need help, not just muslims.
    and Definitely she has beautiful eyes!


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