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Many events has passed us by during summer. Heat was up, emotions were up, issues were on the rise, but I kept silent. Sometimes it is better to walk away and watch all from a distance. And of course it is great to be lazy during summertime. Sipping a glass of ouzo, watching the passers by, brewing uncommunicative thoughts… As the sun moves towards west, being informed that the Greek government went for early elections; claiming that they couldn’t handle the economic crisis efficiently but meaning also they couldn’t handle the scandals anymore.

Yet, looking from neighboring Turkey, this line of action feels like completely European. Accepting one’s failure is a no way street here. After 2 years of turmoil, scandals and complete alienation of almost 60% of the voters, Turkish government is still trying to hang on the wings of a long forgotten election.
Of course, congratulations are in order for the newly elected Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Giorgos Papandreu for his first term in service with hopes that PASOK will provide for Greeks the long awaited stability and trust in political institutions. Also tourism sector hit hard by the ongoing disturbance of the crisis and high cost of maintenance throughout the dispersed nature of Greek hinterland need a close eye by the new government.
On this side of the water, despite stabilization efforts of the state (although only in verbal form) the economics of the unemployed and barely surviving industry and services are getting direr every month. Talks with IMF are at a stall and the influx of fresh funds is still in decline. After two years there is no light at the end of the tunnel and unemployment rate in young population is at a threatening rate of 29%. What is even more scary is that economic issues ar does not make the top ten list of everyday agenda, neither of the government, nor the media.
Here the winter starts with power costs hikes, disarray in trust in markets and the future and radicalization of all political issues. And only changes in agenda and drastic measures can save Turkey from a disaster in near future.
I, on the other hand, am very glad to come back to my blog and hope to talk to you folks more this season. Sipping the last drops of summer ouzo here in smyrna, sthn eigeia!

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