To Kill and To Write

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They’ll never let it go. It’s been years since they’ve murdered Hrant. The only unlawful thing he did was to write. He was cautioned by the government before his death. He was told that if he keeps on writing “things would happen to him and his family”. Law enforcement officers knew about the plan to end his life. Even on the Internet, if you search about dialogues among law enforcement officers on Hrant Dink’s death, you can reach recorded telephone conversations proving this knowledge. The trial is going on for two years. Attorney General is asking for 20 years imprisonment for the accused murderer. The establishment is protecting its killers. The victim is a Christian, he is an Armenian and ” a Turk is worth the Universe”, let alone an Armenian’s life.
A journalist is researching the facts behind this killing. He collects public information and writes a book about the blind spots in this case. Now he’s in court. The establishment wants his life. Attorney General asks for 28 years of imprisonment. His name is Nedim Şener. He’s a reporter from Milliyet daily.
Turkey is an EU candidate state. She’s undergoing so-called judiciary reforms to be accepted as a member. What judiciary reforms I hear you asking. To reform something, it has to exist first.
With its recent record of judiciary mishaps, Turkey should be banned from all International forums let alone EU membership. Until the establishment in this country would be aware of the fact that in the global village every neighbor has to clean his act our of respect to his peers. Either democracy now and for everyone or marginalization in the full sense. These should be the options left for Turkey.

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