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We say here that Turkey is a heaven for writers. Today is another day like that. Just going though the headlines I was in between going crazy of laughter and crying my eyes out. Here’s why:

Turkey wants changes on European Human Rights Court(EHRC) structure
Turkey’s European Commission representative, of all people, Mr. Daryal Batibay criticized EHRC for costing tremendous amount of money to Turkish Republic by legislating against its defenses in too many cases. He even asks EHRC to request huge fees from applicants to deter suits. Isn’t it funny? The law according to defender’s needs. Mr. Batibay is confusing the law in EU with Turkey’s legislature I guess, where the verdict is determined not by rules of law but who the defender or the victim happens to be! In Turkey if you are a public servant the courts must ask permission from your superior to press a case against you. That in practice means if you are protected by the government, you are above the law. Mr. Batibay now requests Turkey to be above the law of Europe. And Turkey is in a negotiation stage to become a EU member! And Turkey wants to legalize her own double standards in Europe now. One must show these Turkish officers their place immediately. That’s the only education they’d respond to.
The Brazen
Mr. Zahid Akman is the head of radio and TV censorship committee in Turkey. He’s a man of government. In Germany, he was accused by the attorney general for embezzling the money donated by Turkish workers in Germany into Turkey. These money were allegedly used to finance party operations instead of helping the poor, the reason they were collected for in the first place. Although all related people in Germany are already in jail, Turkey still hesitates to open a lawsuit against the alleged people in Turkey. He is the main figure among these. The second in command of the ruling party, Mr. Bulent Arinc said he asked him to resign on the onset of the case. Today he denies such a request being made, and he openly adds that the Prime Minister would protect him if necessary and he still has his support. A European counterpart would have resigned months ago. A Japanese would have committed suicide. Such brazen and shameful people are in administration in this country. And one cannot swallow it so easily. There should be something that can be done…
The Story of a Murder
A young girl gets murdered. A routine story in every country. But what makes this particular story unique is how it happened and what happened following the murder.
Her head was found in a garbage bin around a very rich neighborhood in Istanbul. Her body parts were found in several different spots around the city. She was allegedly argued with her rich boyfriend just before her death. And after her death, the boyfriend disappears.
The cops question the family of the boyfriend and let them go immediately. They do nothing else for months. The media go nuts. They finally publish an International blue bulletin for his arrest on sight. And nothing happens once more.
Simple questions for the imbeciles who think they are cops:
1. Who can dismember a body without leaving any traces and getting any help?
2. Where was his family while he was doing these inhuman acts?
3. How did he leave the country and was he able to hide without the help of his family and their resources?
4. Why his parents are still free?
5. Can the rich kill anyone the way they want in Turkey?
Simple answers are needed.

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