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Fairies must have whispered to his ear. Or else, as he would prefer, God must have talked to him in his dreams. Turkish Prime minister declared he was sorry of ethnic cleansing of the “Christian minorities” in Asia Minor. We would never know if he was sincere since another minister from his cabinet recently declared that these actions were merely forming a nation and were necessary.

What a contradiction. Since his entrance into national political stage in the beginning of the millennium most minorities in Turkey supported his Ak Party (literally meaning “white” or “clean”) with the hopes that his claims for real democracy and platform for religious independence would better their condition. However these hopes were short lived for his concept of democracy was only good for islamic fundamentalists. Government’s oppression against Kurds and groups supporting laicism only increased in his premiership. Radical Islamists and extreme nationalists alike started shooting ministers, massacring Bible printers, threatening alcohol drinkers and tantalizing girls with “inappropriate” clothing.
He said “Many ethnicities were deported from our country for years. Did we win? We have to think about it. This really was a result of a fascist behavior. We have made the same mistake from time to time. But when you think in common sense, you say what great mistakes we have made.” Almost one century of cleansing Asia Minor from Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians and many more minorities (in fact most of which were majorities in many areas before the Republic). Almost thirty years of disrupting every Kurdish family, village, uprooting hundreds of thousands, raging war against its own citizens. Now they say it was fascist!
In the democratic tradition, fascists pay for their crimes. I’d like to ask Mr. Prime Minister; who’s going to pay for theirs?

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