Kingdom of Fear

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When we are asked “what are you afraid of?”, we internalize the question. The answer is almost always about personal fears. However what we are afraid of on a daily basis is totally different than virtual fears we talk about. Modernization resulted in a terror society. Political, technological and spiritual gains, augmenting variety and possibility of choices increased casual shrewdness and rudeness paradoxically. Terror observed radically and exceptionally in democratic societies, affect societies which does not incorporate a social order, and lacking a social contract more. From politics to media; entertainment to driving, terror rules every aspect of our common schedules. That’s the real fear.


Agitating when asked, fears like “I’m afraid to tell my opinion”, “I’m afraid to drive”,
“I’m afraid to go to the police office” are the real fears.
We are afraid of speaking our minds. But we are not afraid of embezzling millions of liras.
We are afraid of crossing the street, but not afraid of attacking someone with a knife.
We are afraid of educating ourselves but not of ignorance.
We are afraid of law, but not of unlawfulness.
We have created an order where rules can only be broken. And we hate it, though we do nothing to change, or to change it.
The kingdom of fear, chaos, disorder is our making. It’s our choice. We have to change our choice: we have to chose to let live to live humanly. Without dismissing our past, our experience, we have to learn about ourselves by looking at our society through the scope of historical reality. Not by retaliatory action, far away from orientalist reflexes, we have to democratize ourselves.
That’s to be our lesson…

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