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Dear readers,

After three years of trials on our inner blog and several publications syndicated worldwide, we have extended our blog entries to the main pages of turkiye.org. At a time of chaos in the world and no less disarray in the Middle East, Turkey and its politics play a no less important role in the face of humanity. Our aim is to provide a seldom traveled perspective on local and international issues without losing our focus on well being of the denizens of our young planet, human rights and freedom of speech.
During the years preceding the global economic crisis, Turkey passed through a well accustomed path of self destruction and de-democratization. Followers of political issues would note that the country has a reputation of dealing with its problems in a very chaotic and unplanned way. And this, in turn creates more chaos and unmanageable social situations for the country. What is maybe still not surprising is the fact that a government of seven years and counting, is getting more and more confused towards new developments as well as age old problems still haunting the country.
Maybe that’s why it’s a writer’s haven.
In our blog, we will concentrate on the main issues challenging the developing country;
1. Human rights issues,
2. Minority issues,
3. Democratic issues
4. Daily lives of its denizens, hence social issues.
Please do not hesitate to send us your comments to create a more multi-faceted discussion here at our Turkiye.BlOrg. Don’t forget to add this blog to your RSS feeds especially on your iGoogle home page.
Hope to see you on our next blog soon. Greetings from beautiful Smyrna!
Stratos Moraitis

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