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The people who bring light to everywhere they go and the rest who only live by the darkness inside

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2013 was the year of extremes. 2013 was the culmination of all social effects influencing the way we move since the turn of the millennium. In many corners of the world the end of the times as we know them began. This is a small account of events as they occurred in the author’s current […]


Turkey: Redefining the public space, one piece at a time

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Republic of Turkey was founded on a vast space of historical heritage circa a century ago in Asia Minor. Connecting western and eastern hemispheres of civilizations, the region is the classical melting pot of different aspects of Hellenism, Roman might, Caucasian and Middle Eastern culture. From the beginning of this Republic, however, instead of melting […]

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Izmir, Pagos unedited

Izmir, Pagos unedited

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Memories from a promenade around Pagos (Kadifekale), Izmir. The hill located within the urban zone of İzmir,Turkey and the castle  named Pagos (Greek: Πάγος, Pagus under the Roman Empire) in pre-Turkishtimes and by the local Greeks in modern times. [gallery...

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Windy City revisited

Windy City revisited

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Chicago beckoned... (In 2012, Chicago hosted 46.37 million international and domestic visitors, an overall visitation record. Chicago's culture includes contributions to the visual arts, novels, film, theater, especially improvisational comedy, and music,...

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Working on a Greek beach

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Fréderike Geerdink was in a short holiday in Greece and wrote this article for yournalistinturkey.com They earn some €30 a day, Greek youngsters working in tourism during the summer. While their country is going through hard economic times, they are happy they found a summer job. ‘Without this work, I wouldn’t be able to go […]


Turkey at last declares Jabhat al Nusra as Terror Organization

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On June 3, Turkish official gazette announced  the blacklisting of  Jabhat al Nusra a terror organization. It was stated that the Cabinet had decided to make amendments to its decree concerning the United Nation Security Council’s (UNSC) resolution on the freezing of assets owned by individuals, organizations and institutions affiliated with terrorist organizations, adding the al-Nusra […]


An essay on popular perception shift of 2013 in Turkey

An essay on popular perception shift of 2013 in Turkey

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For Başak Güçyeter Life is a learning process. It’s the art of giving meaning to the chaos around us. The knowledge we gather during this process is not necessarily cumulative. It’s one enlightenment here, one disappointment there that make the big picture which we call...

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The Bench

The Bench

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Two old people sitting on a bench at the park. Fall foliage surrounding them. Like a womb. Hands resting on each other. Not a word spoken, only the chit chat of autumn birds and the hush of an occasional wind. A lot of dark reds, shiny browns, contrasting their grey flannels and...

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